Meet Claribel

Hi Loves!

Thank you so much for taking the time of day to find out who I am. I'll make it worth your while (I promise lol). My name is Claribel and I am the very proud owner of Claribellas. I'm 25 years old and a new mommy to my beautiful, 1 year old baby boy, Lucas Damian. I'm engaged to my wonderful soon to be hubby, Daniel. Needless to say I am very blessed with the life I live.
 I started this business because I wanted to share my sense of style with you all and be cute together! I am a fashion lover/shopaholic. Anybody that knows me can second that! LOL no lie, at a certain point I had waaay too many clothes and shoes that it wasn't even funny!
 I pride myself in having affordable prices because let face it, being a shopaholic can get expensive lol and if you're like me, you don't like to wear the same outfit twice (R.I.P to babes wallet) ESPECIALLY if you already posted it on IG, am I right? I price items based on whether I would personally buy it at that price point. I am not going to sell you $40 jeans because I would probably never buy $40 jeans. I love to shop, but I love to save! Why buy 1 pair of jeans for $40 when you can get TWO pairs from Claribellas.
I love love loovveeee me a sale! I have sales left and right girl! I mean c'mon, if you buy it on sale you're actually SAVING money, everybody knows that! Duh! I got you girl, boujee on a budget, ya feel? That being said, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the home page and follow us on IG @claribellas_ to get access to the best savings.
Oh, and I almost forgot, click the button below to get 25% off your order automatically applied at checkout! Use it wisely since you can only use this once. I told you I got you! (winks) Love you all!